When you hire a SEO Expert the most invaluable benefi

When you hire a SEO Expert the most invaluable benefi

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LA PAZ [url=http://www.authenticsteelersstore.com/Steelers-Sean-Davis-Draft-Jersey/]Sean Davis Jersey[/url] , Oct. 14 (Xinhua) -- Bolivian President Evo Morales, recently reelected by a landslide to a third consecutive five-year term, has said the key to his popularity lies in policies that have generated stability and economic growth in the South American nation.

In an exclusive interview with Xinhua, the first indigenous president of Bolivia said nationalizing the country's natural resources and redistributing the wealth to the poor were part of his "magic recipe" for economic growth.

Morales, who will be leading Bolivia until 2020, said the nationalization of Bolivia's gas and oil industries during his first term (2006-2009), coupled with greater public spending and private-sector investment, led to an average annual growth of 6 percent and greater economic, political and social stability.

"Without stability, it is difficult to generate economic growth and keep the people satisfied," said the president, who turns 55 years old later this month.

He noted that previous neo-liberal governments privatized basic services, sold strategic industries "for a pittance," and allowed transnationals to exploit the nation's natural resources without due compensation.

In addition, the transnationals "would take all the profits with them and wouldn't reinvest, as happens now that the earnings stay in Bolivia," Morales said.

Today, Bolivia's revenues from gas sales to neighboring Brazil and Argentina pay for social welfare programs for the elderly, pregnant women and newborns, and students.

While major economies in Latin America experienced a slowdown due to falling external and domestic demands, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) expects Bolivia's economy to lead regional growth in 2014 with a 5.2 percent growth rate, and to see the second-largest growth rate in 2015 with 5 percent.

The per-capita GDP in the country of 10 million people has surged 126 percent to 2,989 U.S. dollars, according to the IMF.


Morales faces major challenges in his push for development, including corruption and poverty, but he remains confident.

"We have to continue to develop Bolivia. In nine years we accomplished what nobody could do in 60 years," he said.

One of his government's biggest concerns is reducing extreme poverty, which still affects more than 20 percent of the population, though it has been drastically reduced.

"Our goal is to cut extreme poverty down to 8 percent by 2020, but by 2025 we want extreme poverty to be down to zero," Morales said. [ Extending basic services, such as potable water, throughout Bolivia is another priority, with some 4 billion dollars earmarked to build the infrastructure.


The ruling Movement Toward Socialism (MAS) party has won seven national contests since December 2005 when Morales was first elected -- three presidential elections, a constitutional election, a recall referendum, a constitutional referendum, and a gubernatorial and mayoral election.

In 2005, Morales won the presidency with 54 percent of the vote, in 2009 with 64 percent, and in 2014 with some 60 percent, setting a record as the first head of state to win a clear majority three times in a row. He is also on track to become the country's longest-serving president.

Morales, Bolivia's first leader of Aymara Indian origin, said one of his biggest contributions has been to champion the rights of the country's majority ethnic groups.

"Before, the pro-capitalist opposition would say to us indigenous people that Indians were only good enough to vote, but not to govern. Today, we have shown that we can and that we know how to govern, that's why we have won several elections," he said.


On Bolivia's relations with China, Morales said the growing cooperation between the two countries in recent years has contributed to Bolivia's "economic freedom".

Taking the opportunity to express greetings to Chinese people and gratitude for the Chinese government's support, he said China has helped Bolivia's development projects in various sectors such as telecommunications, hydrocarbons, mining, infrastructure and aircraft.

Morales acknowledged that China has provided opportunities for Bolivia to finalize loans for development projects and for a number of ventures, saying China has also constituted the main strategic partner of Bolivia on several projects.

The sound relationship between the two countries has boosted bilateral cooperation, increased trade, technological transfer, investments and loans, and even came up with an initiative of considering providing scholarships for young Chinese to learn Spanish in Bolivia and Bolivians to learn Chinese in China, he said.

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