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Visual Programming

Status: Under development.
We like and enjoy programming very much. We know about programming everything.
Since Assembler high-level programming languages were created, which have already evolved for several decades. But when will the next revolution come? Now we are developing new programming — programming of the next generation. To make the process of program development several times easier!
Based on multieditor technology

Avoid unnecessary work

Now developers spend only a small portion of time on writing logic — key code of a program. Most of the time is spent on reading code and “servicing”. For example, managing a great number of files (modules, resources). Correcting syntax errors that are not related to the logic. Creating very similar code constructs (patterns aren’t almighty).
We seek to get rid of as much unnecessary and monotonous work as possible. To make writing logic much easier. To decrease the amount of code.
Main principles of the language:
Language constructs (for example, loops), commands and most importantly entire algorithms are replaced with elements.
Below we describe capabilities that you can see at first glance when using multieditor for programming.


Comments in the code can contain signs, images and even tables. When writing long comments, you need no longer to split them into lines that are limited to 80 symbols. Word wrapping is performed automatically.

String values

When entering string values, you no longer need to think about replacing special characters with their codes. You can even insert any types of quotes.


Variables, fields in classes, method parameters are combined in one concept — field. A memory unit.
Each field has its own default value, event for checking a new value, event triggered when a value is changed. The first event allows to set rules for values. For example, if it is allowed to be empty.
Handling an event triggered when the value is changed.

Resources and windows

Images, sound recordings, video and other resources are located directly in the code. You even need not give them names, declare, read them. You can use them immediately!
Method returns an image.
The “resource” concept is no longer needed.
What about windows? They are also edited directly in the code:
Element containing a window.
As a result, there are no need additional files for the program’s source code. Everything is in one place.

Sweets for dessert

Here we offer only a short description of visual programming. We have a lot of ideas — all best ideas will remain.
We want to make StroyCode to be written completely in the visual programming language. This will be the best criterion for completion of the development.
Wait for the release!

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