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Uniform Menu

Menu in main windows of the programs that use multieditor are often similar, because the programs’ capabilities are realized with elements. Below you can see a description of a typical menu.
Main menu


Undo, Redo, Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, Select All

Standard commands found in text editors. The program supports unlimited number of undos of user actions.

Copy as Text

Copy only text in clipboard. You can use this command, if you need to copy data from the program to another program that doesn’t support multieditor. When using the Copy command, if the selected data include elements, then the code is copied in the clipboard. To avoid it, you can use the Copy as Text command.

Find..., Find Next, Replace...

These commands are used for finding and replacing the text.


Switching to a code mode. To exit the mode, you need to once again click the Code command.



Launch all processors one by one, beginning with the first one. Disabled processors will not be launched.

Remove Generated

Move all files and folders that were created by generators to the Recycle bin.

Check All

Check all data. When choosing this command the program collects all important messages from all elements and puts them in the log.


Displaying the program settings window.



Hiding or displaying the palette.

Non-Printing Characters

Hiding or displaying non-printing characters: spaces, tab character, line feed and others.
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