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Standard Elements

Standard multieditor elements

Comment element iconComment

Comments are used for describing elements or inserting notes in the text. You can enter text, insert signs, images and tables in the comment.

LogicFrame element iconLogic Frame

An auxiliary element for grouping data and organizing them into a tree structure. It can be perceived as a folder in the file system or as a group that combines data.
A logic frame includes a collapse button, description of the data contained in it, and the data itself.
The editor may include significant amount of data, but thanks to capability of collapsing logic frames these data will take less space. And the correct data structure allows you to find necessary information more quickly.
When a logic frame is collapsed, a collapse button is shown in the form of a circle that looks like a zero. This means that the logic frame is empty.

Text element iconText

Specifying text value.

Multitext element iconMultitext

Used for localization. It stores text values in several languages. Additionally, you need to specify list of languages.

Language element iconLanguage

Specifying language. A language adds one field to each multitext. Collapsing a language results in hiding these fields.

Data element iconData

Specifying an element that stores an image or data of any other type.

Substitution element iconSubstitution

Substitution of the other element’s value. Elements can be located both in this file and in a connected external file.

File element iconFile Name

File name. Unlike the manual input of a file name, this element offers the following functionality: choosing a file via the standard dialog box, checking file existence.

Path element iconFolder

Path in the file system. Unlike the manual input of a path, this element offers the following functionality: choosing a path via the standard dialog box, checking path existence.

FileConnection element iconFile Connection

Connecting external file to use its elements.
You can use only elements in the external file whose visibility is set as available for others (names of such elements are displayed on a green background).

Condition element iconCondition

Specifying process condition. Process condition is used in an element If and influences the result of the processing. The condition value — turned on or turned off — is specified in the processor.

If element iconIf

Decision block that is used in the processing. The element contains a condition and two fields. When processing, if the condition is true, then the data from the first field will be used, otherwise the data from the second field.
If the reference to the process condition element is provided, then the validity of the condition is determined depending on whether this condition is turned on in the processor or not.
If the element returning Boolean expression is inserted, then the validity of the condition is determined based on the result of this expression.


Used for separating blocks of information (list items): tasks, requirements, etc.
Used for information that should be solved: question, problem, questionable or unconfirmed information.
Multipurpose sign. It is usually used for indicating rating, preferences (then you should use up to 5 stars). Also it can be used for other purposes at user’s discretion.
Used for attracting attention to important information. You can repeat it several times to show that information is more important.
Used to indicate a unsuccessful result: a task is not solved, information is not confirmed, negative decision, a product is unsafe, etc.
Used to indicate a successful result: a task is solved, information is confirmed, positive decision, a product is safe, etc.
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