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Splitting into Files

You can split one file into several ones in multieditor. And then link those files — to each other. What is the point of it? If some files contain the same parts, then it is reasonable to merge these parts into a separate file. If several people work on different parts of one file, these parts may also be transferred into files linked.

Linking files

To use elements located in other files, you need to create an element File Connection and specify the required file in it. Thus the access to elements of the specified file will be given.
An example of linking a file and using its element
An example of linking a file and using its element.
The format of the file linked should be supported in the program, or at least it should be created with the use of multieditor (the program will attempt to analyze the file and find supported elements).

Infinite looping

You can’t link a file to itself, including linking to itself through other files.

For example

When developing programs, we transfer different names (for example, Select All command or Logic Frame element) in separate files. We link these files to the program, program’s help and website. So we can be assured that names are synchronized everywhere. If it is necessary to change a name, we can do this in a single file.

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