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Self-description is one of the main merits of multieditor. All information about what you can do in a specific multieditor is found in the editor itself. After learning principles of using multieditor, you can become familiar with any new program where it is used much faster and easier.
Editor of something and multieditor of something
Editor of something and multieditor of something.

What you can do

The list of available command is displayed in the palette. Descriptions of these commands are displayed in tooltips.
In the editor itself, you can see fields of the inserted elements that you can change. Descriptions of the fields are also displayed in tooltips. Descriptions can include information about the format in which you need to enter values.

Where to begin

The most important, high-priority commands that are expected to be used frequently are displayed in the palette on large buttons. Besides, they are usually located in the beginning of the palette. Less important commands displayed on small buttons and they are located at the end of the palette.

And also

Self-description is aided with instant check on data, which informs about incorrect values and, where possible, describes solutions for problems detected.

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