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Names and References

Elements can be linked with each other: some elements are named, while other elements refer to them by these names. The functionality of connections between elements depends on the use of multieditor.
Element with the name and element that refers to it
Element with the name and element that refers to it.
The presence of slightly visible circle in the name bottom-left corner informs that there are references to this element. If you move the mouse pointer to this circle, you can see the number of links in the displayed tooltip.

The rules of entering names

Names must be unique. Besides, multieditor is super case-sensitive. This means that names must be unique regardless of the letter case (you must not create two elements with names “a” and “A”), but when referring to an element, a letter case should match (a reference “a” to an element with the name “A” is invalid). All that provides protection from giving names that are identical in sound and ensures correct writing of references.
By default, names can include any symbols, even spaces. But processors used or other elements can impose their own restrictions on names.

Automatic reference correction

When you rename an element, text in fields containing references to this elements are automatically updated. If there are external files with references to the renamed elements, you will have to manually correct references in them.


Visibility is availability of an element for use by other elements.
The element can be referred to only when it is visible to the element that refers to it. In order to change the visibility, you have to select an element with the name — visibility control buttons will be displayed in the palette.
Elements with different visibility levels, setting the visibility of the lower element.
The background color represents the current visibility level. Green — available for all elements. Orange — available only for inner elements and not available for external elements. Lilac — visibility is indefinite, it can’t be changed.

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