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Log displays information messages, hints and error messages.
Log is displayed in the bottom of the multieditor window, but initially it is hidden. It becomes visible only when messages show up. Messages can show up when performing some operation (for example, opening a file, processing), and also when checking all data (gathering and displaying the current state of elements).
Messages in the log
Messages in the log.
Messages are displayed in the form of the text, which you can copy and select.

Types of messages

Information messages — inform that some action was carried out when performing some operation. There are not signs at the beginning of information messages. Other types of messages are more important so they are marked with signs:
Hints — inform about how you can improve entered values or may be low-priority warnings.
Errors or high-priority warnings. You should pay attention to these messages.


Messages can include hyperlinks. When double clicking them, an action, which depends on the meaning of the message, is performed. For example, if the message informs about file creation, then double click opens this file. If a message informs about the error in an element, then double click will take you to this element.
You can perform the hyperlink’s action with the help of the keyboard — by pressing Ctrl+Enter on the hyperlink.

Close button

When the log is visible, the button for closing the log is displayed above it. The color on the button corresponds to the most important messages that are currently included in the log.


The log is automatically cleared before performing an operation that can add messages to the log. You can also clear the log manually by clicking the close button. After clearing, the log will immediately become hidden.

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