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Keyboard Support

Features available without using a mouse. By using the keyboard you can navigate through the text, “enter” table cells and any other elements, press buttons in the palette, etc.
Palette tool-tips
Button numbers shown after pressing Ctrl.
To press a button in the palette, you need to press and hold down Ctrl and type a button number. Button numbers are displayed after you press Ctrl key. This functionality is available even when the palette is hidden.
You can move the text cursor by using the arrows keys. With these keys you can also place the cursor inside visible elements.
To press the collapse button (when the button is focused) you can use Enter or Space bar.
To follow a hyperlink (within which the text cursor is placed), you need to press Ctrl+Enter.
To edit an image, you need press Enter.
Switching between editor and log — Tab button.
Refresh — F5.
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