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Status: Ready.
Multieditor is a powerful tool for editing and storing data of any type. This is a universal editor with enhanced features that supports entering text and inserting elements.
Combining text with elements allows for storing data of different types and with different presentation methods in a single information flow: text, raster and vector images, tables, tree structures, forms with fields and others. Besides, the editor remains easy to use as a typical text editor.


Elements are graphical objects that are located within the text and have different capabilities.


All information about what you can do in a specific multieditor is found in the editor itself.

All Data are Visible

All data are displayed with minimum of service information.

Splitting into Files

You can use elements located in other files.

Instant Check

Straight at the time of editing the correctness of certain values and the overall data integrity are checked.

Uniform Text Format

Data are stored in the form of a plain text and can be modified in any text editor.


Palette is used for inserting elements and performing operations on elements.


Log displays information messages, hints and error messages.


Elements can be collapsed to save space on the screen and facilitate navigation.


Data can be disabled. Disabled data are regarded as absent.

Commenting and Logic Structuring

There are tools for commenting data. The data themselves can be arranged in any convenient structure.

Images and Tables

Support for inserting and editing images and tables.

Names and References

Elements can be linked with each other: some elements are named, while other elements refer to them by these names.

Processing and Processors

One of the common principles of using multieditor.

And also


Multieditor can be used together with many existing programs. It can be used with programs, where you edit text, lists, tables, enter formulas, scripts, macros, etc. Examples of its use are provided below.
Multieditor is especially handy when working on touch-screen devices such as tablets, where it is better to minimize the amount of typing.
Our programs in which multieditor is used: StroyCode, Visual Pascal, Resoor, Mext, WowBase, FreeText.

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