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Images and Tables

Multieditor can contain images and tables.
An image and a table


You can use images in common formats: PNG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, etc. If you insert an image whose format is not supported, the image content will be displayed in the HEX form.
When inserting images, their data are recorded in multieditor in whole. The reference to the source, from where the image was taken, is not stored. If you delete the file, from which the image was inserted, the image will remain in multieditor.
You can edit images using third-party software (graphics editors) installed in the system. For example, Microsoft Paint or Adobe Photoshop. An image is transferred to the program through a temporary file.


You can easily add or delete columns and rows from a table, though it can appear somewhat unusual at first. You need to place the text cursor between columns or between rows and then to work with them as with an ordinary text. You can select, copy, cut or delete them, insert them from the clipboard after copying, as well as create new ones (using the Series button in the palette).
Selected table row.
The program automatically adjusts the cell sizes based on the data shown in them. You can insert other elements in a cell, even a new table.

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