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The History of Development (Part 1)

Multieditor was developed from 2008 to 2012. Now the technology is actively used in our programs.
A special characteristic of this development is that we from the outset didn’t know what the result would be. We have vague concepts of editor for programming, in which code constructs are displayed in the form of elements with input fields.
One of sketches of what we would like to get.
We began with creating our own text editor. It should be very fast, take minimum memory space and provide full control over data.
Creating text editor from scratch.
At the same time we think out principles of representation of classes, methods, constructs of a code.
Some records.
The functionality of the text editor gradually expands. We added support for non-textual objects (only images so far) and ability to specify different formatting and select hyperlinks. There is support for dragging text with the mouse.
The next version of the editor.
We began developing the engine for multieditor. What now looks clear and simple then didn’t have precise rules and concepts. Element representation, using mouse and keyboard, mouse pointer on the screen and text input cursor — all principles of working with elements. Initially this part of development was the most indefinite and we redid it several times.
Gradually we started creating StroyCode program.
How the program should look.
To make multieditor more universal rather than being focused only on programming, we decided to develop at once several programs based on it. Programs with different purposes. Thus a resource editor Resoor and text editor Mext came into existence.
First icons for StroyCode and Mext.

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