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Replacement of Database Tables

By using multieditor, you can display data in other forms than tables. Each record is substituted with an element. If there are nested tables, then they are substituted with nested elements.
Planets and their satellites
Planets and their satellites.
When displaying records in such a way, you can notice that records in multieditor take more space. Column values are not aligned along vertical lines. You can also notice that there is no obvious way for sorting records.
Another example of displaying a table with the help of multieditor.
However, there are many important advantages. The user can easily copy several records at once and, for example, send them via email. The recipient can copy records directly from the message text and insert them in their own database. There has never been such freedom in working with records!

Another form of representation

There is classic display form of tables:
In such form records don’t turn into cards and the table looks like a table. You can learn about such display format in more detail in the article Images and Tables.

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