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Artificial Intelligence

Status: Planned.
Technologies in robotics significantly advanced compared to recent past. Programs for controlling robots become more and more complicated. But... artificial intelligence is still not created and it will not be created in the near future. All most advanced robots, machines, devices are not able to think. They still carry out a set of instructions specified by developers in advance.
Advent of AI will be a breakthrough in robotics development. That is the time when robots really will be able to help us.
Evolution of Honda’s Asimo robots.

What is AI?

There are many definitions of what is artificial intelligence. Here is a definition of AI strictly in our interpretation. This is what we will create.
Artificial intelligence — is a program that can find the best solution of any task set, no matter how general that task would be. Or report that such task cannot be solved, if there is indeed no solution. Presence of feelings (we mean such feelings as affinity, envy, etc, rather than data from device sensors) in AI is not needed at all.
It is real. This can be realized with a program, usual program, which can be run on common binary computer. No biology and biochemistry. No symbiosis between live and mechanic elements. For example, such program can create a program in several seconds at user’s request, which takes years and months of developers’ work in modern companies. Yes, we indeed pay too much attention to programming!

We know how to create AI

Yes, we have some ideas.


Everything is planned step-by-step: writing AI program, its self-improvement, extracting information from the Internet to create knowledge base... This will be a very interesting and fascinating work. And it will take several years. We plan to begin realization of AI when we finish the work on visual programming.


No. Sarah Connor will be defended at the basic level.

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