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2015.03.30Release of TablePro 4.10.
2014.12.25Release of TablePro 4.0.
2014.11.26TablePro 4 coming soon. New features!
2014.11.20Release of Mext 1.46TypeText 1.34.
2014.11.13Release of StroyCode 1.86Visual Pascal 1.32TablePro 3.94. New samples for StroyCode added.
2014.11.06Release of StroyCode 1.84Visual Pascal 1.30TablePro 3.92.
2014.10.28Release of StroyCode 1.82Visual Pascal 1.28Resoor 1.42Mext 1.44TypeText 1.32.

In archive

2014.10.22Release of StroyCode 1.80Visual Pascal 1.26TablePro 3.90.
2014.10.16Release of StroyCode 1.78Visual Pascal 1.24WowBase 1.58.
2014.10.07Release of StroyCode 1.76Visual Pascal 1.22.
2014.09.20Release of TablePro 3.88.
2014.05.19Release of TablePro 3.84, TypeText 1.30.
2014.04.28Release of TablePro 3.82.
2014.04.16Release of TablePro 3.80 - undo-redo support.
2014.04.08Release of TablePro 3.74.
2014.04.05Release of StroyCode 1.74Visual Pascal 1.20Resoor 1.40Mext 1.42WowBase 1.56, FreeText 1.46.
2014.04.02Release of TablePro 3.70 - unicode version.
2014.03.28Release of TablePro 3.54.
2014.03.19Pleased to announce that we got the source code and distribution rights to TablePro - the legendary small shareware program. A few years ago it was the best alternative to large unwieldy databases. But the official developer suspended development of the program. We're going to give this program a new life. Plans: rewrite the program, release unicode version, versions for other operating systems. Introducing the first version of the revived program TablePro.
2014.03.14First portable version of FreeText released.
2014.03.12Release updated versions of all our programs. First portable version of TypeText released.
2014.03.03Release of TypeText 1.10.
2014.03.01New application: TypeText. Release of FreeText 1.38.
2014.02.19New 2 video about WowBase added.
2014.02.17Release of FreeText 1.36Mext 1.36Resoor 1.34.
2014.02.05Release updated versions of all our programs.
2014.01.31Release of Mext 1.32.
2014.01.29WowBase 1.48 released. A new section of the site: Forum.
2014.01.14Release of Mext 1.30Resoor 1.30.
2014.01.10Release of StroyCode 1.66Visual Pascal 1.12.
2014.01.05Release of WowBase 1.46FreeText 1.32.
2013.12.26Release new versions of StroyCodeMextResoorFreeText.
2013.12.25New application: Visual Pascal.
2013.11.26StroyCode 1.60 released: compiler included.
2013.11.17Site updated: help for programs. Release of StroyCode 1.50WowBase 1.40.
2013.11.02Release updated versions of all our programs: optimizations.
2013.10.19StroyCode 1.44 released.
2013.10.15The artificial intelligence: we have got good results today.
2013.10.09Maybe this news will remain unnoticed. Today we have launched to work a first small prototype of an artificial intelligence.
2013.10.06Release of StroyCode 1.42FreeText 1.22.
2013.09.28WowBase 1.36 released.
2013.09.09Release updated versions of all our programs: print added.
2013.07.30Release updated versions of all our programs. Russian, Portuguese and Dutch website versions launch.
2013.06.12WowBase 1.26 released.
2013.06.09StroyCode 1.36 released.
2013.06.01StroyCode 1.34 released.
2013.05.25Release of Mext 1.18Resoor 1.18.
2013.05.24StroyCode 1.32 released.
2013.05.10StroyCode 1.28 released.
2013.04.24StroyCode 1.18 released.
2013.04.13Release updated versions of all our programs.
2013.03.30Release of WowBase 1.22FreeText 1.14.
2013.03.24WowBase 1.16 released.
2013.03.13Release of StroyCode 1.14Resoor 1.12Mext 1.14WowBase 1.1FreeText 1.12.
2013.03.11We have changed our e-mail address to
2013.03.07WowBase 1.0 released.
2013.02.22French and Italian website versions launch.
2013.02.19New 3 video about Mext added. OS Languages utility added.
2013.02.15Spanish and Chinese website versions launch.
2013.02.09Release of StroyCode 1.1Resoor 1.1Mext 1.1FreeText 1.1.
2013.01.20Release of StroyCode 1.0.
2013.01.17Release of the first version of Resoor. Release of the first version of Mext.
2013.01.09Release of the first version of FreeText. Resoor and Mext are prepared for release.
2013.01.07Deutsch and Japanese website versions launch.
2012.12.21Official website launch, announcement of our technologies and programs.
2011.07.03Hello World. is published. The website has only one welcome page.
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