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To edit an existing record: (1) Click on the word Record on the Main Menu and then click on the word Edit on the drop down menu, or (2) Press the Enter key on the keyboard. Make your changes, and then click on the OK button, or press the Enter key on the keyboard in-order-to close the record. Do not forget to save the changes to your record(s) by either clicking: (a) on the word File, on the Main Menu, and then click on the word Save on the drop down menu, or (b) Ctrl+S on the keyboard. Some fields in the table you have created will have dropdown buttons that will contain a list of all earlier data you have typed into those specific fields. To display these lists, press the F4 key, or the Alt+Down keys on the keyboard. When you are typing a value in the field, it is possible to drop down list with values automatically if the corresponding option is checked in the program options. To navigate between fields, use the Up and Down keys on the keyboard. Mouse click on the field name, to activate the field and select all text in it. If you edit a multiline field, you can insert "line breaks" to change the line, using the combination of keys Ctrl+Enter.
To navigate between records, use the Ctrl+Shift+Up and Ctrl+Shift+Down keys.

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