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To create a new table, click on the File Menu (on the Main Menu), and select New from the drop down menu; or simply press the shortcut keys Ctrl+N (New Table) on the keyboard. A new window called Creating Table will appear.
In the Creating Table window, create a table heading for each column you need in your table database, and then set the table properties for your new database. By default, the program lists three (3) column headings: Column1, Column2, and Column3. Rename these column headings for use in your new database and then create any other headings desired. Column headings may contain various symbols. On the right side of the Creating Table window is a list of options that you can select for your specific needs as you create your table. After you finish creating your table, press the OK button, and your new empty table cells with your table headings will be created.
To add new records, press the F5 key on the keyboard. Press Enter key on the keyboard to save each new record to the screen. Then press Ctrl+S (Save) to save each new record to the actual data table file. To change, delete, or edit column headings, column properties, or options of the table, click on the Service menu, then click on Table Properties... on the drop down menu.

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