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Main Window

After opening any table in the main window of the program, three lists will be displayed at the bottom of the program: (1) All, (2) Search Results, and (3) Chosen. The first list contains all records from the opened table. The second list is used to display search results. The third list shows the chosen records. The work menu is activated by pressing the shortcut keys Ctrl+Spacebar, or by clicking the right mouse button on the list.
TablePro main window
Use the mouse to change column sizes. To automatically adjust the width of any column, double click on a divider between two column headings. The size of the selected column will adjust itself to the appropriate width. To manually adjust the width of any column, click on, and hold down the left mouse button on a divider between two column headings and drag mouse left or right to increase, or decrease the width size.
To alphabetize ascending (A-Z) order of records, click on the column heading. To alphabetize descending (Z-A) order of records, click a second time once on the same column heading.
TablePro main window
The program will automatically distinguish the type of data contained in cell fields of the tables, and displays them in corresponding style. For example: numbers settle down on the right edge of the cells. Links to web-sites, e-mail addresses, file names, and directories, are displayed in hyperlinks style. The program also distinguishes dates used when sorting records.

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