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The program loads and keeps tables in files with the extension of .CSV (Comma Separated Values). CSV-files are the most commonly used text files, which are most often separated by a symbol, the word, it "," (comma) or ";" (semicolon). The program is able to automatically detect what symbol is used in a file for separation of data; the program also detects Tabs, and "|" symbols. When the program saves a table, it uses a separator, which is specified in the Options of the program.
CSV-files can be opened, as in many other programs. For example: in Excel, or a Notebook.
Since the CSV-file can store only values from cell fields within the table, for each table, the program creates an additional file with a name of the table and adds the GG file extension. In such files, parameters of columns, and options of tables are stored. You can also edit the GG-files by means of a standard Notebook program; GG-files have an xml-structure.

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