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Utilities for Translation

Utilities for translation are used in StroyCode, Resoor and Mext for automatic translation of texts in other languages. Download the utility program and unpack it into a Translators subfolder located in the folder where the program is installed. You should have the file name in the form: C:\Program Files\SoftConstructors\StroyCode\Translators\GoogleTranslator.dll. Then you should specify the received utility in the program settings.
Currently only one utility program is available. If desired, third-party developers can create their own ones.
Download the utility program for translation: GoogleTranslator (this utility program works over the Internet and uses a translation website

How to make translation

In Multitext element, you should place the text cursor in the cell of such language, into which the translation have to be made. Autotranslation, Column buttons will be displayed in the palette. Source language of the translation is specified in the program settings.
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